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Advanced Implant Solution

Our implant system
Nobel Biocare provides a versatile range of implants, suited to every indication you could encounter and all designed to deliver Beautiful Teeth Now™. These are some of our major innovations:

TiUnite®Our uniquely effective implant surface provides optimal conditions for Soft Tissue Integration™ and osseointegration.
Groovy Groovy, our completely new and unique groove system, takes all our implants to a higher level of effectiveness.
Immediate Function™ This concept makes it possible for patients to leave the dentist directly after implant placement with their new teeth in place – ready to eat, drink and smile.

Types of Bone Grafting:
NOBELREPLACE™ Tapered Groovy NOBELDIRECT® Groovy & Oval NOBELDIRECT® Posterior & 3.0 NOBELPERFECT® Groovy
• Further development of Replace Select Tapered
• TiUnite™, Tracks and Grooves
• New 8mm option
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• One-piece design
• Enables variability in vertical placement
• Oval: The Coronal part pre-prepared
• Oval: Less grinding
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• Posterior: Inbuilt ease of use in posterior areas
• Posterior: Built in snappy abutment
• 3.0: First implant for narrow places
• 3.0: Solves tight spacing problems
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• The ultimate choice for excellent esthetics
• No 'black triangles'
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Brånemark System® Groovy & Shorty & Zygoma NOBELSPEEDY™ Replace NOBELSPEEDY™ Groovy & Shorty NOBELREPLACE™ Straight Groovy
• First and most versatile implant system
• Forty years of proven clinical success
• Zygoma: Simplifies the most difficult cases
• Mk III & Mk IV implants still available in the complete range with the existing depth measurement system and drilling procedure
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• Specially designed for increased initial stability in soft bone
• Internal abutment connection
• Extremely short drill protocol
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• Same benefits as NOBELSPEEDY™ Replace
• External abutment connection
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• New 4,0 diameter
• Simplified procedures reducing treatment time
• TiUnite™, Tracks and Grooves
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