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Andrew Barrie Wright /Lumineers Veneer, Filling, Extraction, Cleaning, Zoom Whitening/Australia

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Jo Lopez/Australia

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Matthew Anderson /Denture (s), X-Ray, Root canal treatment, Cleaning /Berwick/Australia

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Ned Redding /Crowns, Root canal treatment/USA

I wish to express my appreciation for the thoroughness of your staff. I apologize for the inconvenience of my high blood pressure interfering with scheduled implant surgery last evening.. I visited M.D. today and confirmed very high blood pressure that your staff identified last evening. I have begun several hypertensive medications in order to control the problem. I will be re-examined by the M.D. on 23 October along with other medical diagnostic/laboratory tests. I will contact you for rescheduling after my problem is adequately managed. Again, thank you to your wonderful staff! John

John Bajowski/USA

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Rrosemary Bradley/More countries

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